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349 Hagley Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B17 8DL

tel: 0121 420 3977

Little Greene Paints

Choose from a range of environmentally friendly paints to suit most interior and exterior applications. Our Intelligent Paints are water-based, quick-drying, child-safe finishes for use throughout the home. Traditionalists will favour our classic, long-lasting oil-based paints, which use naturally occuring vegetable oils instead of harmful solvents. Web site link: Little Greene Paints

Our web site has just a representative selection of the many Brands and Collections available from John Charles Interiors. Please visit our showroom to see more, including the very latest Collections.

Little Greene 'Stone Collection' Paint

A versatile, new and very usable palette of natural colours offering warmth, tranquillity, timelessness and harmony. A coordinated collection of 36 natural colours, it comprises 22 new additions to the Little Greene palette, together with 14 shades which have been judiciously selected from the Little Greene archives.

Like the “Colour Scales”, “Grey” and “Green” collections before, the “Stone” card and its contents have been cleverly edited into columns of graduated families, representing the breadth of the individual hues. The six families of the new card are divided according to undertone, each based on naturally occurring pigments; Red Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Umber, Lamp Black and Green Earth. Designed to make colour selection simple, the colours within the same column can be used alongside each other in tonal schemes, while shades from across the colour families can be combined to deliver more dynamic, contrasting combinations.

11 of the new colours included in the collection have originated from Little Greene’s ongoing colour research across the portfolio of properties in the National Trust’s care. Readings were taken from paint colours, architectural elements, tapestries and indeed stone itself.

“Stone” brings together a harmonious palette of colours from an eclectic mix of grand and humble spaces; from statement walls of prestigious entertaining halls, through delicate shades from more modest quarters, to accompanying tones of decorative features including woodwork, plasterwork, stonemasonry, soft furnishings, ceramics and wall coverings.

Utilising a cornucopia of descriptive and evocative names, deep earthy red Arras can be found on a tapestry hanging in the chapel at spectacular Elizabethan house, Hardwick Hall. Book Room Green was found in the neoclassical Book Room at Wimpole Hall, while the authentic grey limestone Baluster was taken directly from the carved balustrade which accompanies the Castell Pink stonework in the great stairwell at Penrhyn Castle.

The “Stone” collection marks a welcome transition from the cooler greys that have been ubiquitous for the last decade towards warmer, more natural and earthy tones, providing a restful alternative.

All images and designs: Copyright Little Greene.

  • Little Greene 'Stone' Paint
Little Greene 'Stone Collection' Paint - Attic II 144 Little Greene 'Stone Collection' Paint - Baluster 321 Little Greene 'Stone Collection' Paint - Book Room Green 322, Sage Green 80 Little Greene 'Stone Collection' Paint - Castell Pink 314, Nether Red 315, Arras 316 Little Greene 'Stone Collection' Paint - Chocolate Colour 124 Little Greene 'Stone Collection' Paint - Dark Brunswick Green 88 Little Greene 'Stone Collection' Paint - Ferdinand 313, Castell Pink 314, Nether Red 315, Arras 316 Little Greene 'Stone Collection' Paint - Green Stone Family Little Greene 'Stone Collection' Paint - Light Bronze Green 123, Elysian Ground 320 Little Greene 'Stone Collection' Paint - Lute™ 317, Pompeian Ash™ 293, Slaked Lime™ 105 Little Greene 'Stone Collection' Paint - Nether Red™ 315, French Grey - Dark™ 163 Little Greene 'Stone Collection' Paint - Portland Stone - Pale 155, Dark Brunswick Green 88, Portland Stone - Light 281 Little Greene 'Stone Collection' Paint - Portland Stone - Pale 155. Portland Stone 77, Baluster 321, Pompeian Ash 293 Little Greene 'Stone Collection' Paint - Portland Stone Family, Dark Brunswick Green 88 Little Greene 'Stone Collection' Paint - Rolling Fog - Dark™ 160, Arras™ 316 Little Greene 'Stone Collection' Paint - Rolling Fog Family, Attic II 144 Little Greene 'Stone Collection' Paint - Scullery 318, Lute 317, Clay 39, Clay - Mid 153, Purple Brown Little Greene 'Stone Collection' Paint - Travertine - Mid 273, Travertine 319, Travertine - Light 272 Little Greene 'Stone Collection' Paint - Travertine319. Stock 37
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