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349 Hagley Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B17 8DL

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Above image - Copyright The Little Greene Paint Company Ltd.

Moving on

The Little Greene Paint Company Ltd. Stone Collection Lo 03

Above image - Copyright The Little Greene Paint Company Ltd. Stone Collection Lo 03

The Little Greene Paint Company Ltd. Stone Collection Lo 07

Above image - Copyright The Little Greene Paint Company Ltd. Stone Collection Lo 07

The Little Greene Paint Company Ltd. Stone Collection Lo 09

Above image - Copyright The Little Greene Paint Company Ltd. Stone Collection Lo 09

Happy New Year !!!

I’m sure that 2020 will be a year oft referred to by historians in years to come – but one that we who lived through it would rather forget in a hurry. Let’s all hope and pray that 2021 will be brighter and more positive.

Regular readers will know that I often use the January editorial to encourage low cost facelifts (I’m talking about our homes now, not our complexions). After all, we’ve probably spent a little more than we ought on Christmas presents – especially in these challenging times – and the house is looking a bit sad after all the decorations have been packed away for another year.

Well, fear not . . . Little Greene (my favourite paint company) to the rescue! With a small factory in the foothills of Snowdonia and a Head Office based in Manchester, Little Greene is an independent, family-run business, and the only manufacturer still producing a complete range of traditional and modern decorative paints for all areas of the home. Little Greene’s environmentally-friendly, child safe, water-based and oil-based paints are available in finishes for all walls, ceilings, floors and exteriors.

The quality of the paint is unrivalled, often using up to 40% more pigment than their rivals. As a Platinum stockist, we at John Charles Interiors mix all their paints in our Edgbaston showroom. The decorators absolutely love it, as it is a joy to use and goes on so beautifully.

For many years, Little Greene have been working with the National Trust, bringing us authentic colours from several key periods of interior design, from early Georgian to the late 20th century. Back in 2018 (you remember, when we used to do things like hug and shake hands), Little Greene launched their latest collaboration, entitled “Green”, which introduced 20 original paint colours derived from the Trust’s houses and gardens.

Their latest offering “Stone” has just been launched at the prestigious Deco Off exhibition in Paris. It’s a versatile, new and very usable palette of natural colours offering warmth, tranquillity, timelessness and harmony. A coordinated collection of 36 natural colours, it comprises 22 new additions to the Little Greene palette, together with 14 shades which have been judiciously selected from the Little Greene archives.

Like their “Colour Scales”, “Grey” and “Green” collections before it, the “Stone” card and its contents have been cleverly edited into columns of graduated families, representing the breadth of the individual hues. The six families of the new card are divided according to undertone, each based on naturally occurring pigments; Red Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Umber, Lamp Black and Green Earth. Designed to make colour selection simple, the colours within the same column can be used alongside each other in tonal schemes, while shades from across the colour families can be combined to deliver more dynamic, contrasting combinations.

11 of the new colours included in the collection have originated from Little Greene’s ongoing colour research across the portfolio of properties in the National Trust’s care. Readings were taken from paint colours, architectural elements, tapestries and indeed stone itself.

“Stone” brings together a harmonious palette of colours from an eclectic mix of grand and humble spaces; from statement walls of prestigious entertaining halls, through delicate shades from more modest quarters, to accompanying tones of decorative features including woodwork, plasterwork, stonemasonry, soft furnishings, ceramics and wall coverings.

Utilising a cornucopia of descriptive and evocative names, deep earthy red Arras can be found on a tapestry hanging in the chapel at spectacular Elizabethan house, Hardwick Hall. Book Room Green was found in the neoclassical Book Room at Wimpole Hall, while the authentic grey limestone Baluster was taken directly from the carved balustrade which accompanies the Castell Pink stonework in the great stairwell at Penrhyn Castle.

The “Stone” collection marks a welcome transition from the cooler greys that have been ubiquitous for the last decade towards warmer, more natural and earthy tones, providing a restful alternative.

Little Greene’s Creative Director, Ruth Mottershead feels the introduction of “Stone” is particularly timely: “Our households have become our haven. Whether working or relaxing we are all spending an increased amount of time at home. We are searching for interiors that are comforting, which is driving the desire to create cocooning, cosy spaces. The colours of “Stone” are indefinably beautiful, so pleasing to the eye and soothing for the soul.” She goes on to say “This is not about a return to beige or magnolia,” (thank the Lord I say, Magnolia is a swear word to interior designers !!!) “it’s about using these new neutrals to create interiors that are smart and inviting.”

I’m sure we’re all looking forward to a bit more warmth in our lives, so here’s to moving on.

John Biddell, John Charles Interiors

Live 24 7 magazine editorial - January 2021

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